QP Edge 12" Straight Ruler

Amy's Quilting Adventures

$ 29.00 


This QP Edge straight ruler will open the door to endless design and quilting possibilities. Ruler fits nicely in the hand and is a useful length at 12" long without being too bulky for use with domestic sewing machines.

-Constructed of strong 1/4" thick acrylic with smooth edges and corners. 
-2.5" wide
-Ruler designed for used on a longarm and/or sit-down machines. Ruler is 1/4 inch thick and may not fit behind the foot on low shank sewing machines. 
-1/4" spacing, both horizontally and vertically. Also has multiple 45 degree angles across the ruler.
-Markings across entire ruler at 1/4" intervals allows for easy spacing of quilting lines.
-Thin, thread width etched lines for accuracy.
-Bright white marks for increased visibility.

-The 12" for most blocks and borders.

*Remove paper backing prior to use. Begin by peeling one corner and continue across the ruler.