Dahlia 6 Inch

Amy's Quilting Adventures

$ 34.69 


This fun rotating specialty template creates a wonderful 6 petal, 6 inch wide floral motif without any marking! Place the included patented anchor pin in the desired center of the area to be quilted and follow the edge of ruler with your ruler foot. Rotate the template when you reach the end of the stitch path and use the markings to precisely place the next run of stitches. Continue on to make the single dahlia motif, offset the template to make a second design (markings for this second pass are included), or even combine with the larger versions (9 inch and 12 inch Dahlia) using the same center location for a design that only looks complicated.

Template is a full 1/4 inch thick and easy to use on long arm machines (sit down or otherwise), high shank domestic machines, but will be difficult to use on a low shank machine.