Brown Bag Mystery Quilt Kit

Sew Simple of Lynchburg

$ 64.99 


Sew Simple invites you to purchase one of our mystery quilt kits and join us on a hunt to make a wonderful quilt.

How does it work? The bag includes 5 yards of fabric plus the initial cutting instructions. You will be given six clues to create a quilt that measures approximately 45" by 62" (without optional borders) when finished. There's a fabric bow on each bag selection to give a hint of the fabrics inside, choose the number that corresponds to that on the picture.

Clues are released every two weeks beginning March 17th, which is World Wide Quilting Day! For our online customers, we'll mail your clues to you. Price of this service is included in the kit price.

We can even add you to a special Facebook group for quilters all over the US and Canada who are participating in this mystery quilt. Share your colors and progress with other enthusiastic quilters. Designer Karen Montgomery has created a great project for only the shops that attended her retreat.

Our choices of fabrics will work together for this project and one representative fabric is tied to the handle to help you see what colors might be represented within. Order quick for the best selection and time to do your cutting before the first clue is unveiled! Quantities are limited.

March 27, edited to add: Mystery has already started so bags are limited to what is shown. You can still purchase and any missed clues will be sent with the fabric.